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I've been reviewing digital tools since 2012, I’ve traveled the world teaching entrepreneurs how to use technology to grow their businesses, and I've published 250+ newsletters featuring curated business apps, trusted by insiders at Google, WeWork, Harvard University, Cambridge University Press, and more.

I follow these straightforward criteria:

  • Helpful!
  • Quality first. Not necessarily the newest or the shiniest.
  • Well-designed and functional.
  • Easy to use. It should not take half an hour to figure out what the app does.


I believe that technology belongs to all of us.

And by technology, I don’t mean anything too complex or unattainable. By technology, I mean web apps, mobile apps, and other useful software that is easy to use and affordable. All these tools make businesses more productive, save them thousands of work hours, and significantly slash their costs.

Why should you care?

It’s the best time to be an entrepreneur. In the past decade, technology has been on our side, enabling us to identify needs and problems of our potential customers, generate and validate ideas, and execute sustainable solutions.

Easy-to-use and affordable software tools that streamline communication and facilitate business operations (e.g., social media, marketing, accounting, e-commerce, logistics, recruitment, collaboration, and many many others) make it possible for almost anyone, anywhere in the world, to use their smart devices  to grow a business without the burden of a great debt.

Technology can and should empower entrepreneurs all around the world, regardless of their age, origin, gender, or level of experience.

For once, instead of complaining how internet and social media are ruining our social competences and human relationships, let’s relish the thought that technology can make it possible for millions of people from Hawaii to Cook Island to become financially self-sufficient.

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