A world traveler, an entrepreneur, and a writer, the wild ride of my life has so far led me across 55 countries to a whole bunch of unforgettable experiences, such as:

  • Volunteering for months at the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
  • Building an online platform for entrepreneurs at London's Google Campus
  • Teaching digital skills to knowledge-hungry students in Iran, Algeria, and Morocco
  • Organizing workshops for entrepreneurs in urban slums of Kenya and South Africa
  • Promoting social entrepreneurship in Brazil (and ending the nights at iconic favelas)
  • Or hosting the World Bank's green technology bootcamps in the Caribbean.

All that topped up with my latest chapter as a mother of twin boys, who have inherited the nomadic blood of their parents and enjoyed their first van trip across Europe with us when they were only 4 months old.

Always up for an adventure, I've never been afraid to dream.

As a university student, I worked throughout my entire studies to support myself financially and to be able to intern abroad on a budget.

After getting my Master's Degree in International and Diplomatic Studies, I launched my "official" career behind a desk at the European Union in Brussels. Seeking financial independence and greater impact of my work, I decided to quit the well-cushioned 9-5 job not long after, only to move to the Middle East, where I had never set foot before.

Without a safety net in place – learning Arabic and staying with nuns at a Christian monastery for the first long and hot weeks in the country – I then began building my own business, learning to put my ideas into writing, and eventually supporting other entrepreneurs with mentorship, training, and guidance.

Fast forward to many years, countless conversations, hundreds of written pages, and one book later, I help my clients create better choices for themselves... even if they believe there are none left.

Btw, why mindful entrepreneurship? Read here.

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